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Nine Android apps for movie lovers

The road to the Oscars is well under way. In anticipation of the Academy Awards, we've listed nine Android apps for movie lovers.

Ed Rhee
Ed Rhee, a freelance writer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, is an IT veteran turned stay-at-home-dad of two girls. He focuses on Android devices and applications while maintaining a review blog at techdadreview.com.
Ed Rhee
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The road to the Oscars is well under way, with the winners of the Critics' Choice Awards and the Golden Globes having been announced already.

In anticipation of the Academy Awards, here are nine Android apps for movie lovers:

Android apps for movie trailers, showtimes, rentals, and more

1. IMDb
IMDb is almost as old as the Internet and has been an Amazon.com company since 1998. The Android app provides a plethora of information on movies and TV shows. You can look up cast bios and photos, watch trailers, check ratings, look up showtimes, and create news alerts on movie titles.

Screenshot by Ed Rhee

2. Movies by Flixter
The Flixster app lists current box-office titles, showtimes, and has trailers. The interface looks great and it's easy to navigate. Movies by Flixster also has a DVD section that lists current and upcoming releases. It's a great way to look up recent releases so you can add them to your DVD rental queue.

Movies by Flixster
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

3. Fandango
Like Flixster, Fandango lets you look up showtimes and watch trailers. If you have a Fandango account, you can also use the app to purchase tickets at select theaters.

Screenshot by Ed Rhee

4. Redbox
If you're a fan of Redbox, you'll probably want this app. It allows you to look up movie titles, watch trailers, and reserve them at your local Redbox. There's also a Kindle Fire-optimized Redbox app and a separate one for other Android tablets.

Screenshot by Ed Rhee

5. Google Search
You can use your Android's native Google search feature to get showtimes. Just tap the search button on your Android device and type "movies" and your ZIP code. It'll display the showtimes for theaters in the ZIP code you entered. After clicking on the movie titles, you'll have the option to play the trailer or click on the IMDB link for more info.

Google Search
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Android apps for streaming movies

6. Netflix
Watch your Netflix streaming library with the Netflix Android app. Unfortunately, if you still have a Netflix DVD account, you won't be able to manage your DVD queue with the app.


7. Crackle
You can watch older movies and TV shows with the Crackle app, for free. Though the titles aren't current, you could do worse if you're desperate for content.

Screenshot by Ed Rhee

HBO GO is for HBO subscribers only, but with it, you can access HBO titles from your Android phone or tablet. It's a nice way to catch up on original content like "Game of Thrones" or "Boardwalk Empire" and of course, HBO movies.


9. Hulu Plus
The Hulu Plus app gives you access to premium content on select Android devices. You can manage season passes for TV shows, edit your queue, and watch hundreds of movies from Miramax and the Criterion Collection.

Hulu Plus

That's it. With so many film-related apps available for your Android device, it's a great time to be a movie fan. Get one or get them all. Either way, you'll have plenty of content available to keep you busy before the Oscars.