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New Samsung phone joins the blogwagon

Another handset allows direct and easy posting of videos and photos directly from the phone.


It's not enough that anyone with a computer can blog these days (and it sometimes seems that they all are). Phone makers want to make sure that they can also post from any location, on the go, with their mobile handsets.

Nokia was one of the first we noticed to jump on the blogwagon, in a partnership with blogging service Vox. Now Samsung has gotten into the act as well, according to Fareastgizmos, with its Mobile Blog 3G Phone SGH-L760. The Bluetooth slider handset has a 2-megapixel camera, which is built for Europe's 3G networks, is headed for Germany and Spain this month but will be released in Southeast Asia soon after.

Like its Nokia counterpart, the Samsung phone is designed to allow photos and videos to be posted directly and easily onto blogs. We hope that the blogging "PaPeRo" robots don't find out about this, or we might be out of a job sooner than we'd hoped.