New Samsung Galaxy S3 ad: It's good for sharing sex tapes!

A wonderful new Galaxy S3 ad shows that sauciness between married people is not dead by any means at all.

Chris Matyszczyk
Feel the tension. Samsung Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If you've ever wondered about that intimate thing where two Samsung Galaxy S3s touch each other in order to communicate, wonder some more.

For here is a quite brilliant exposition of the full breadth of possibilities afforded by the NFC hidden in this marvelous device.

Just when you thought married life was nothing more than a repository of drudgery, woe and sinking feelings, here is a family that truly knows how to share.

For it isn't just this lovely husband's little kids who have made a video for him to share. It is also his wife.

Though we don't see the video itself, our imaginations whir like helicopter propellers.

"You probably shouldn't watch it on the plane," she says. Ah, it's that kind of video. How romantic.

With its neat and truthful chipping away at Apple fanboydom, Samsung is making a little headway in the consumer's soul.

But with this charming, witty gem, it's also creeping into the heart too. And, well, other places.