New LG G Flex ad: Gag reflex?

So LG would like you to believe its new phone is so human that you can, um, talk to the hand.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
You have to hand it to LG, don't you? LG/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There are some things you shouldn't do before breakfast.

Examine your bank balance, for example. Or listen to a discussion at the United Nations.

To this list, I feel we can surely add a new ad for the LG G Flex phone.

Should you have been too busy searching for a Mr. Bit who founded Bitcoin lately, the LG G Flex is a rather interesting phone that wraps itself around your face like a lover who thinks you have money.

To those tasked with advertising it, there might have been many ideas immediately rattling in their brains.

Instead, LG wants you to talk to the hand.

Here we have a man in a less than salubrious restaurant being given a gift by a friend.

Inside the box is a bearded mouth that attaches to his hand.

I know that last sentence seems like it doesn't make any sense. You might conclude, though, that the rest of the ad doesn't either.

What follows, you see, is a man talking to his hand. Which, if you remember, now has a bearded mouth attached to it. Oh, of course an ear appears along the man's fingers. You needed to ask?

But what's the problem? It's not as if the man with the bearded mouth on his hand is actually going to feed the bearded mouth, is it?


Those opposed to the mission of the United Nations will offer that this ad was posted to YouTube by the Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxemburg regions of LG. Perhaps this is their particular brand of humor. Or manual labor.

Still, clutching our insides, we reach the deep conclusion of this oeuvre, which is that the LG G Flex is the most human phone ever.

But, wait. The ad is redeemed right at the end. "Is there a sex scene?" you stammer.

Oh, yes.