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Social media's favorites from 69 new emojis coming soon

There's a new crop of emojis coming in mid-2017. Here are the ones people on social media think will be the best.

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Social media will need to pick the next emoji star.


Social Cues is our look at what is trending across social media.


Its widespread use made the laughing face Oxford Dictionary's word of the year in 2015. The thinking face emoji has been widely used across Twitter to show skepticism and sarcasm by just quoting a tweet and adding on the quizzical look.

Emojipedia on Thursday updated its page for Emoji 5.0, with a complete list of new proposed emoji, including additions like the Tyrannosaurus Rex and a mermaid. All of these new emoji faces and creatures are technically still in draft mode, but Unicode is expected to release the final version in June 2017.

Facebook rolled out reactions with emojis in Messenger on Thursday, but it's nowhere near the scale of the options that Emoji 5.0 will have.

With the next batch of emojis set to debut, which one among the 69 new candidates will be the breakout star ?

Here are all 69 emoji drafts in one convenient image to look at:


All 69 new emojis that will release with Emoji 5.0 in mid-2017.


We checked on Twitter to see what people thought of the upcoming emojis. So far, it looks like the monocle emoji is an early favorite.

Here's some other emojis people are excited for:

The sauna emoji is getting misinterpreted in all kinds of way, because at first glance, it really isn't clear what those two are supposed to be. Are those giant spoons?

The emoji doppleganger comparisons also rolled out on Twitter, with people comparing the new faces to celebrity look-alikes.

I'm calling it right now, the next breakout emoji is going to be the shush. It's got so much shade potential. A politician tweets something dumb? Shush emoji. Someone decides to start a *thread* that nobody asked for? Shush emoji. It's the emoji equivalent of "Never tweet."

If I'm wrong about this, feel free to tweet your shush emojis at me once they're available.