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New desktop case by NZXT is as silent as tomorrow

NZXT announced a new silent case called the Whisper.


On Tuesday NZXT announced the appropriately named "Whisper." The Whisper is an E-ATX full-tower desktop case that features "advanced noise-dampening technology," according to NZXT.

This noise-dampening tech comes in the form of 10mm-thick foam pads that have been attached to the inside of the side and top panels, rubber grommets that reduce vibration noise on Hard Drives, and a padded power supply holder. According to NZXT, this should "dramatically reduce acoustic levels" within the case.

In addition to all that noise dampening, the case also features a total of nine hard drive bays and six 5.25-inch bays. Probably my favorite potential feature is the predrilled wire-management system and screwless installation.

Not having to worry about little screws getting trapped somewhere in the case or not fitting into the screw hole would definitely cut down on the amount of rage-fueled swearing outbursts I, at least, would be having while screwing in a drive.

So yeah, you may be asking what I was asking, which was: "With all this padding, won't it get pretty hot in there pretty fast?" Well, maybe, but NZXT is taking steps to bring the heat level down.

The Whisper includes four fans (one 120mm Blue LED Intake, one 120mm Black Rear Exhaust, and two 80mm Rear Exhausts). Also, since the power supply is mounted on the bottom, it can better separate the heat given off by both the power supply and the motherboard.

The case is slated to be released in September for $139.99.

The innards of the Whisper are nice, neat and screwless. Unlike my case at home. NZXT