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New 3D TVs and Blu-ray player highlight purported LG product roadmap

An anonymous tipster has spilled the beans to CNET, revealing the 2009 to 2010 planned product rollout for LG's new HDTVs, Blu-ray players and home theater systems.

The 3D-capable LG LX9500 series may be shipping as early as May. LG

LG looks to be building up its 3D and big-screen TV line-ups for the spring 2010 season.

CNET has seen what's purported to be the spring 2010 product roadmap for LG's TV and home theater line. To date, LG hasn't outlined any exact release dates beyond its CES announcements, and to my knowledge didn't plan to do so for at least another month or so. (Panasonic has provided more specifics on its 2010 line-up, and new Samsung's products are beginning to pop up at online retailers.)

In addition to current LG models, the roadmap contains specific SKUs and screen sizes for models that were announced at the January Consumer Electronics Show. Most notable, however, were some new details and new products which we hadn't seen mentioned before:

  • 3D-compatible LX9500 series, apparently the same as the LH9500 announced at CES, is shipping the second week of May.
  • A second 3D-compatible series, unannounced at CES and dubbed LX6500, will ship about the same time.
  • The company plans a 72-inch (!) LCD for late June release.
  • 3D glasses ship a month earlier, in mid-April.
  • The "video call camera" accessory, presumably for Skype access, hits in mid-May.
  • The company is joining Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung in shipping a 3D Blu-ray player, the BD580 (May), to coincide with its 3D TVs.

When contacted by CNET to verify this information, a spokesperson for LG stated, "We cannot confirm the specifics of products that haven't been announced." In other words, don't make purchase decisions based on these alleged products, the details and release schedules of which can change without notice. That said, we'd be surprised if we didn't hear official details on at least some of these products within the next few weeks and months.