Nerd nirvana: Top 10 nerdiest cities in America

Real estate blog Movoto breaks down the nerdiest cities in America and declares a winner based on comic book stores, gaming, conventions, and Renaissance faires.

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Way to go, Atlanta, you're super-nerdy! megadem

In just about every American city, you can find a bastion of nerdiness. There's a comic book store, or a video game shop, or a fantasy convention where all the geeks get together. Some cities, however, are much more serious about their nerdiness than others. Real estate site Movoto recently put together a list of the top 10 nerdiest cities in America.

The list was based on factors like the number of geeky conventions, the distance to the nearest Renaissance faire, and the ratio of people to computer stores, comic book stores, and live-action role-playing groups. Admittedly, it's not the most scientific of methods for determining nerd levels, but you have to set the bar somewhere.

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What may be most surprising is the lack of certain cities on the list. San Diego, host of Comic-Con, didn't make the cut. Sacramento, Calif., and Minneapolis, however, both made the list. They may not be the biggest cities in the country, but they apparently make up for it with sheer nerd enthusiasm in the form of comic book stores, conventions, and gaming.

Let's fast-forward to the very top. According to Movoto's criteria, Atlanta is the nerdiest city in America. That may come as a bit of a surprise, until you start looking a little deeper.

Atlanta hosts five sci-fi/fantasy conventions each year. It has a ratio of one video game store to every 16,016 residents. It also has the most bookstores, with one for every 2,529 people. Live-action role-playing is also a big deal, so you don't have to save your cosplay outfits just for the conventions. Add it all up and Atlanta takes the nerd crown, beating out Portland, Ore., in second place.

Check out our slideshow of the top 10 cities showing off their nerdy best. Did Movoto overlook your uber-geeky hometown, or does this list get it right? Come to the defense of your city in the comments.

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