MySQL closes $10 million deal

Sun-owned open-source database maker snags a deal that's big--even by Oracle standards. Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz says he's as "pleased as punch."

Matt Asay Contributing Writer
Matt Asay is a veteran technology columnist who has written for CNET, ReadWrite, and other tech media. Asay has also held a variety of executive roles with leading mobile and big data software companies.
Matt Asay

MySQL, the open-source database maker that Sun Microsystems bought earlier this year, recently closed a $10 million deal, according to Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz.

Schwartz noted the deal Saturday in a Twitter Q&A related to the Web 2.0 Expo.

A $10 million deal...that's big, even by Oracle standards. It's the sort of deal that big companies do with other big companies. Here's what Schwartz said:

...(T)he MySQL team just closed the single largest deal in the history of MySQL, a $10m deal to a global technology company. I'm pleased as punch with the progress we're making there, and we're deluged with inquiries from traditional enterprises (vs. Web 2.0 companies) wanting to know how to get enterprise support for a product they've used in development, but have, until now, not felt comfortable putting into commercial deployment. Now they feel comfortable deploying it - and we're right there with them to help make it happen.

All I can say is "Wow, wish I'd have got the commission check for that one!" A $1 million deal takes time but is doable. A $10 million deal? That is truly impressive, no matter where you work. (Congratulations to Mark Burton, Kerry Ancheta, and others who were likely involved.)

P.S. I'm guessing the deal was made with Cisco Systems, Google, or Yahoo.