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While dating site for robot lovers is currently restricted to humans, it does hope to include robots among its members "once their AI is sufficiently advanced."

Leslie Katz Former Culture Editor
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Leslie Katz
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Maybe one day you will hold hands with Romeo the robot. Aldebaran Robotics

Tired of dating people who stare at you blankly when you talk about your affection for Asimo? Dream of having a robot baby head all your own one day? Online dating site Robot Passions says it can help you find a partner who shares your love of robots--or at least thinks Gundam is pretty cool.

Robot lovers longing for a date with metal sexpot Roxxxy might be disappointed to learn that the site is currently restricted to humans. It does, however, note that it hopes to include robots among its members "once their AI is sufficiently advanced." Wait, what does one get a Roomba for Valentine's Day?

Robot Passions
Members can narrow their searches to find people who like similar robots. Screenshot by Leslie Katz/CNET

Robot Passions is part of Passions Network's extensive roster of free online dating sites, which include such other geek offerings as Comic Book Passions, Zombie Passions, Trek Passions, and Ninja Passions.

Join one site in the network and you're automatically a member of the entire network, though as you register, you can choose the sites that best match your interests if you'd prefer, for example, not to include members of the Mullet Passions site in your search for love.

Robot Passions looks a lot like the other sites in the network, though members can search or browse for other members based on the types of robots they're into: domestic bots, humanoid bots, modular bots, research bots, toy bots, telerobots, nanobots, and so on. Aside from finding fellow members based on their robot preferences, they can further narrow their searches to robotics hobbyists, or people who work in the robotics field.

There's even a live robot chat--"Hey, how do you feel about servos on the first date?"