Museums post their best duck pictures in greatest Twitter battle ever

Cultural institutions get their ducks in a row on social media.

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Erin Carson

Who knew ducks could create such a flap?

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It's not a typo. Museums around the world have been sending each other duck pics on Twitter. 

It all started Jan. 4, when the Museum of English Rural Life called out the British Museum asking for its "best duck."

What followed was a stream of ducks: photos, paintings, sculptures, even a few of the rubber variety from the Met, the Louvre, the J. Paul Getty Museum and so many more. 

And there was plenty of smack talk. 

As for what prompted this duck call, MERL responded via Twitter, saying, "literally just why not."

Although the duck pic action might be winding down, MERL has already tweeted that its next quack attack will be Jan. 5, 2020: #InternationalSolicitedDuckPicDay.

First published Jan. 9, 9:34 a.m. PT
Update, 11:25 a.m.:
Adds comment from MERL.