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Multi-deal Monday: Roku, Kindle, Orcs, and more!

Lots of great deals to kick off CNET's spiffy new design, including a $35 Roku box and a free DVD ripper.

Wooo, fancy! I'm talking about the Cheapskate's new digs, of course. I'm loving the makeover, and in honor of CNET's sexy new look, I'm going multi -- as in, multi-deal Monday.



A question for the ages: If you've got $35 to spend, are you better off with a Google Chromecast or a Roku LT? DealFisher has the latter, refurbished, for $34.99 shipped.

Roku boxes are, of course, awesome, though you'll need an HDMI cable to connect it to your HDTV. (The Chromecast plugs right into an HDMI port.) But here's the real consideration: the LT tops out at 720p resolution, while the Chromecast can rock 1080p. There's nothing wrong with 720p if this is for a smaller TV (say, 40 inches or less), but for anything larger, you'll definitely want 1080p.

On the flipside, the Roku comes with a remote, while the Chromecast forces you to use a smartphone or tablet. Also, Roku currently offers a lot more channels, though the Chromecast now has most of the major ones (Hulu Plus, HBO Go, etc.).

Verdict: They're both sweet. But if you especially like Roku, $35 out the door is hard to beat.

Krazy for Kindle


Remember when the Kindle was an ugly, chunky beast with that crazy keyboard? And priced at $399? Wasn't that long ago.

Today only, and while supplies last, Staples has the Amazon Kindle WiFi with Special Offers for $49 shipped (plus sales tax). That's $20 off the regular price and just a ridiculously good deal for a slim, lightweight e-reader with a terrific screen and tons of storage. In your face, $400 original Kindle!

Let 'er rip

The days of the DVD are slowly but surely drawing to a close. So are the days of actually owning a DVD-ROM drive. (Ultrabooks, hybrids, convertibles, and other lightweight laptops don't have them.) Thus, it's time to start thinking about turning your DVD library into a digital library.

For that you'll need a DVD ripper, a program that will convert your discs to digital formats.

Like this one: Today only, Giveaway of the Day has Leawo DVD Ripper (Win) for free. It will rip and convert your movies to just about any format you want.

Important! To get it, make sure you click one link and one link only: Download Leawo DVD Ripper Now. (It's roughly in the center of the page.) Extract the Zip file, run the Setup program, then visit Leawo's registration page. Click Get It Now and provide your email address to receive the activation code needed to unlock the program (which will run as a trial version until you use that code).


Game time!

The best games are the ones that make you laugh while you slaughter mercilessly. Wait, that does not sound right.

The best games have a sense of humor about merciless slaughter -- whoops, no.

Orcs Must Die! is a seriously funny action-strategy game that's all about unleashing merciless death upon...well, heck, just look at the title!

Anyway, today only, Steam has Orcs Must Die! (Win) for just $2.49. Better yet, splurge on the Game of the Year edition for just 75 cents more.

So there you go! Four deals to kick off your week. Let me know what you think of them, and, of course, how you like the new layout.