MP3Tunes adds uploads from Android

As part of its new "Buy Anywhere, Listen Everywhere" campaign, music locker service MP3Tunes will let you upload songs from your Android phone.

Matt Rosoff
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Matt Rosoff
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Music locker service MP3Tunes lets you make your music collection available on any Internet-connected device, but first you have to upload your music to MP3Tunes Web servers. This is no problem if all your music is on your computer--just use the free MP3Tunes LockerSync app. But what about songs that you bought on your phone? Until now, you've had to find a way to get those songs back to your PC, then upload them from there.

MP3Tunes app for Android
The MP3Tunes app for Android phones lets you upload songs directly from your phone. MP3Tunes

Not anymore, as long as you're using an Android phone. On Monday, MP3Tunes updated its free Android client so that you can upload songs directly from your phone to the MP3Tunes servers, without ever connecting your phone to your computer. The company has posted a YouTube video showing an Android user buying a song from Amazon's MP3 store on a phone, uploading it to MP3Tunes, and then listening to it on a wireless-connected iPod Touch (which uses the free Airband app to connect to MP3Tunes).

Unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way--Airband won't let you upload music from your iPhone or other Apple device to MP3Tunes. (MP3Tunes blames Apple's App Store restrictions.) Still, this example shows the power of having your music stored in a single cloud-based location, rather than scattered across multiple personal data stores.

The update is part of a broader MP3Tunes initiative called Buy Anywhere, Play Everywhere. The company has also done a lot of behind-the-scenes work so that songs from one store will play properly, with all song data and album art included, on devices from other companies. For instance, songs downloaded from iTunes will be available almost immediately on your Android phone, as shown in this demonstration video.

MP3Tunes offers 2GB of free storage, and you can request a free upgrade to 10GB. Beyond that, pricing starts at $39.95 a year for 50GB.