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Mozilla developing a mobile browser...again

Mozilla is getting back into mobile. Let's hope it does better this time.

Finally! Years ago, Mozilla looked at doing a mobile web browser (dubbed "Minimo"). I was very hopeful at the time, but nothing came of the effort. Today, however, I saw news that Mozilla is at it again. With mobile booming, it's not a moment too soon.

Given the state of mobile browsers - they all stink in my experience - the timing is perfect.

As Mozilla continues to develop Mozilla2, the second version of the platform on which Firefox is built, it will add mobile devices as a category. That means developers of Mozilla2, which is expected to be complete in early 2009, will keep mobile phones in mind as they build the new platform....

[Mozilla] didn't get more specific on a release date for the mobile browser other than to say "not before 2008." [Mozilla] also said [it] hadn't yet decided which mobile phones the browser would work on.

Well, Mozilla doesn't have to. That's the point. Let developers port the browser to their own phones. It's a perfect use of open-source development communities.

Sign me up. I'd use this in a heartbeat. My Blackberry browser stinks, and my Treo browser was no better. I've used Opera, too, and it also failed. We need a community around mobile browsing. Let's hope that's what Mozilla delivers.