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Motorola's designer walkie-talkies

Because mobile phones aren't the only fashion-conscious handsets.


Why should mobile phones be the only handheld communication devices to get all the attention from designers? Philips proved recently, for instance, that land lines too were capable of making a fashion statement. And now Motorola may be applying the concept to the most aesthetically challenged handset of all: the walkie-talkie.

The new "TLKR" line is a "stylish, easy-to-use and colorful" range of two-way radios, according to Pocket-lint. These definitely aren't the kind of cheapo toys some of us got at the five-and-dime store as kids. (Here's a definition the young 'uns.) Depending on which model you choose, these 'talkies can provide 16 or 20 hours of battery life and ranges of 5 or 6 kilometers.

They come in various colors (including red and orange), have backlit LCDs and eight channels. There are also 121 channel codes to ensure privacy, because you never know who might be listening in while you're playing war in the backyard. The only thing missing is personalized ring tones.