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Motorized iPad dock needs professional installation

Turn your iPad into wall art with the iRoom iDock iPad dock. It mounts flush to the wall, and you'll need a pro with power tools to install it.

iRoom iDock for iPad
The iRoom iDock is motorized and flush-mounted to the wall.

I've seen a lot of iPad docks in my time, but I've never needed a professional to help me use them. I usually just plug the dock in, connect my iPad, and move on with my life.

The iRoom iDock iPad dock has a name that makes me want to pry the "i" key out of my keyboard. It also comes with a subtle "professional installation recommended" instruction.

There are some good reasons for not attempting to install this yourself. The iRoom iDock is flush-mounted with your wall and requires a hook-up to your electrical system. That means installation requires power tools and playing with electricity, a tricky combination.

On one hand, it would be awesome to have your iPad flush inside your wall with charging capabilities, a proximity sensor, and motorized docking and release. On the other hand, Mr. Electric is going to have to come over to help you with it first.

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In case of power failure, the iDock will automatically open so you can get your precious iPad back. Integrated audio outputs let you connect up to a sound system, turning your iPad into a wall-mounted jukebox.

The iDock is available with a black or white finish to match your iPad or iPad 2. A brushed aluminum faceplate is available. It can also be made in custom colors to meet your demanding decor needs. This could be a pretty sweet accessory for an ultra-modern loft home.

The iRoom iDock is available through Bracketron. Pricing information is not yet available and may vary with the cost of custom installation.

iRoom iDock for iPad
Your home could look like this. iRoom