Motion Synth for iPhone makes music from movement

The Motion Synth Kickstarter project wants to turn your iPhone into a gesture-controlled musical instrument.

Shake your thing and make music in the process.

Some of the most entertaining musicians to watch are the ones who really get into their instruments, moving around the stage and playing guitars over their heads. With the Motion Synth system from Auug, movement is a requirement. The Kickstarter project brings gesture-controlled music creation to the iPhone and iPod Touch.

The Motion Synth consists of a case and strap that holds the iPhone in position on your hand and an app. An overlay over the screen helps you position your fingers to trigger different sounds. The app turns movements into signals that control other audio apps or external hardware devices. Which means by moving and angling an iPhone, musicians can do things like control audio, trigger vocal effects, and shape notes and harmonies.

The app doesn't generate sounds, so you'll need to pair it up with something that does. You could use it to control things like a synthesizer or a program on your laptop.

The grip, app, and access to a community of Auug users costs a $78 pledge, though early birds can save $10. Auug has a ways to go before reaching its $70,000 funding goal, but hopes to deliver the first batch of Motion Synths to backers in April 2014.

The versatility of the Motion Synth as a controller could make it a lot of fun for the musically adventurous. Even your older MIDI devices can work with it when you use a special cable. It could end being up as an intuitive way to get your groove on.

Motion synth rendering
The Motion Synth straps onto your hand. Auug