Emoji Monopoly tokens? New game pieces up for internet vote

Monopoly fans have the chance to dump the wheelbarrow and top hat and replace them with a winking smiley-face, a thumbs-up symbol, a hashtag or a cell phone.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Watch this: Emojis and hashtags could be the new Monopoly game tokens

Some of the options available.


Most Monopoly players have a favorite token, the one that's guaranteed to boost their luck in the game. (Team Scottie Dog!)

Back in 2013, game maker Hasbro ditched the iron token and replaced it with a cat, as chosen by a Facebook vote. Hasbro is once again turning to the wisdom of the internet for a new vote on tokens -- and for a simple way to drum up interest in an old-school board game.

Gamers can visit the Vote Monopoly site and choose from more than 50 new options. The old tokens, including the thimble, top hat and Scottie dog, are also on the table.

The voting takes place inside a digital house with shelves and furniture stocked with both classic and newfangled token options. Jazzy music plays in the background as you explore and take a closer look at the figurines. Some aren't too surprising. There's a horse, a sailboat, an airplane, a bike and a helicopter. Two of the stranger options are sliced bread and a fuzzy bunny slipper.

Hasbro is offering up a number of tokens that may appeal to tech consumers. There's a cell phone that looks like it came out of the '80s, a television that looks very '50s, and a computer with keyboard that vaguely resembles the first flat-screen iMac.

Internet denizens can also vote for a hashtag and emoji options, including a winking smiley-face, thumbs-up symbol, crying-laughing face and a Rich Uncle Pennybags version of an emoji face. Sorry, folks, the robot token that lost the vote in 2013 does not make a reappearance.

Voting is open to internet users worldwide until January 31. The chosen tokens will be part of a fresh Monopoly game due to hit stores this summer, so think long and hard about whether you want to stare at a kissy-face emoji for the next decade or so. A special edition called Token Madness will offer the original tokens as well as the new winners.

My suggestion: Vote for T. rex because dinosaurs are awesome.

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