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Mobile Make Out: Pucker up on your iPhone

Is kissing someone else through your iPhone considered cheating? Thanks to this new app, that question has to be asked. Pucker up and get ready to lay some loving on your screen.

Mobile Make Out app
Mmm, tastes like iPhone.
Sparkling Zoo

Mobile Make Out is an iPhone app on a mission. It wants to help your cheating heart get some release without completely destroying your real relationship. The free app works by connecting to another user over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You then smooch away on a pair of lips on your iPhone's screen while your app partner mashes lips on his own device.

This raises an interesting question. Is kissing someone else through your iPhone considered cheating? The app makers encourage you to invite your colleagues, friends, and strangers at parties to join you in your kiss-a-thon. Try explaining to your significant other why you were caught making out with your mobile phone. Somehow, I don't think that will go over well.

The best part about Mobile Make Out's marketing is its insistence that loving up your iPhone is "almost like the real thing." I'm not quite ready to test that out, but I suspect that necking the cold hard glass of an iPhone is pretty far from the real thing. The app does give a helpful warning that too much lipstick can damage your iPhone. So, ladies, go easy on the Avon.

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There is a catch. It takes two iPhones to make the app work. That means having a potentially embarrassing conversation with the object of your crush. "Um, excuse me. Sorry to interrupt you in your cubicle as you're crunching spreadsheets, but would you mind downloading an app that will allow me to virtually smooch you up during work hours? Yes, I am married, but this is purely platonic, of course." Good luck with that.

The app's YouTube promo video invites you to make out with all of your Facebook friends. I don't know what your Facebook friend list looks like, but mine includes close relatives and colleagues. One word comes to mind: "Eww." Still, this app could be a godsend for Apple fanboys who finally have an excuse to lay some real lovin' on their beloved iPhones.