Microsoft's new Surface ad: It's sexy and we know it

The ad that launches Microsoft's new tablet to the world offers a pleasant balance of mystery, excitement and, well, bass. And it really makes for a little sexy.

Chris Matyszczyk
Microsoft Screeenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

No wispy piece of slightly plaintive alternative music, with vocals by a singer in her early 20s.

No James Earl Jones voice going on about specs after specs after specs.

Instead, the ad released by Microsoft to entrance you with the new Surface tablet-cum-PC-cum-brand revivifier has lots of bass and a touch of art.

"Look," the company seems to be saying. "It's sexy. And we know it."

It's, um, different. Colorful, even. It's not what you expected, especially that keyboard.

"And," the ad is thumping, "we're positively not going to try too hard, because if we do, you'll think it's old school Microsoft. As opposed to brand new, stuff-our-partners, too-cool-for-college Microsoft."

Oh, many have already commented how Microsoft, in launching the Surface with a highly secrecy-laden presentation, is drifting toward Apple territory.

But why not? Especially if you have a product that, as these images show, can be displayed with a very visual fashion show, rather than copious words of intent.

How lovely that the company didn't even stoop to words like "magical" and "revolutionary," merely being happy to say: "Hah, it even makes the Windows logo look good, doesn't it?"

Of course, in creating salivation, Microsoft still hasn't learned to satisfy immediately, rather than cause purchasus interruptus.

The date of launch is still unknown. The price is not merely unknown but crucial.

Still, this little piece of film reflects the promise of the presentation and a sudden focus on creating excitement. How can we not be grateful for that?