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Microsoft's first Windows 8 TV spot: Love it or 8 it

Microsoft's first tease for its forthcoming Windows 8 extravaganza is a noisy, cheery, dynamic little thing.

It's exciting.
Microsoft/YouTube Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Just when you wanted a peaceful Sunday, along comes Microsoft to make more noise than a grunting NFL lineman.

For Redmond wants you to be red-eared by the knowledge that Windows 8 is coming soon.

You know about Windows 8? Well, soon you will, as Microsoft is reportedly spending $1.5 billion -- let us all pause and kneel to chuckle -- on this most important launch.

So I am grateful to Neowin for spotting the first TV spot the company has released in order to force your blood to flow more quickly at the prospect.

It's very launchy, just as its music is very raunchy. It's as if a garage band had decided to squat in your house until you signed it to a contract.

Microsoft has clearly decided with this -- and with its recently parodied IE 9 spot -- to differentiate itself from twee, alternative-sounding Apple, by blaring Ballmer-sizedly at the populace.

And why not? Microsoft has fracked its way to a new-found confidence. Why not shout about it?

Here we have a glimpse of a screen been mounted onto a keyboard, as the Eagles of Death Metal shriek "Only Want You."

Here are tablets and touchscreens and children and pinatas and excited women and rockets all serving to make you feel that this is the rush you've been waiting for.

And you only have to wait until October 26.

Can you wait that long? Can your ears?