Microsoft upgrades support with Premier Ultimate

The software giant has a new, proactive support plan that sounds like a winner.

Matt Asay Contributing Writer
Matt Asay is a veteran technology columnist who has written for CNET, ReadWrite, and other tech media. Asay has also held a variety of executive roles with leading mobile and big data software companies.
Matt Asay

As usual, ZDNet's Mary Jo Foley delivers an interesting bit of news from Redmond. Microsoft, it would seem, launched a significant new support offering as of August 18.

(T)he new offering, Premier Ultimate, is aimed at the company's largest customers. Via the new program, Microsoft works with customers to create a three-year roadmap, including a suggested set of services. Reactive support becomes something provided on an "as needed" basis, said Charlie DeJong, general manager of Support and Health Services for Microsoft.

Customers who sign up for Premier Ultimate get unlimited problem resolution support (with some unspecified possible restrictions), plus IT health assessments, account management (both on-site and dedicated) and on-site support, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, according to Microsoft.

This sounds like an impressive support offering, in my opinion. The unlimited part isn't all that great, given that most other vendors offer this (including all of the open-source companies with which I'm familiar).

No, it's the consultative approach to support that perhaps breaks new ground. Good for Microsoft for doing this.