Microsoft recruiting Xbox game testers

Like playing video games? Well, the software giant has a dream job for you: Get paid to test software for the Xbox video game console. And this time, Microsoft's coming to you.

David Becker Staff Writer, CNET News.com
David Becker
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David Becker
ATTN: PT research work, evng hrs. Central loc. Must have strong thumbs.

Microsoft is offering a dream job for rabid game players, with paid positions testing new software for the company's Xbox video game console.

The long-term prospects aren't that great--each assignment lasts only two days--but the positions offer evening hours so as not to interfere with school and work. And Microsoft will go to the gamers, as opposed to previous testing gigs that required gamers to report to company headquarters in Redmond, Wash.

The company is recruiting testers for two research sessions--May 1 and 2 in Dallas and May 6 and 7 in Vancouver, British Columbia. Details and sign-up information are available at Microsoft's Xbox Web site.

Microsoft last week said it expects to fall short of original sales targets for the Xbox due to weak sales in Japan and a lukewarm reception in Europe. Game selection is seen as key to the company's chances as it competes with entrenched competitors Sony and Nintendo.