Meivo: The LCD TV that swallowed a PC

Awesome media capabilities out of the box

Rory Reid

Rock's nutty professors have been hard at work cooking up the Meivo--a 22-inch LCD TV with a high-end PC stuffed inside it.

Crave UK

The Meivo (pronounced my-vo) is Vista-ready, meaning it'll have awesome media-handling capabilities out of the box, and it'll have up to two hard drives and an incredible four Freeview or analog TV tuners--a media junkie's dream.

This does overlook the impossibility of there being four things on Freeview at the same time you desperately have to watch. "Oh no, the repeat of Deal or No Deal clashes with Hollyoaks, the local news and diamante discount day on QVC!"

We've seen this sort of thing before. And yawned. But the Meivo looks pretty interesting, particularly as Rock seems to be focusing on the IPTV potential--it comes with integrated Wi-Fi, so you can grab programmes off the Interweb. No accompanying services have been mentioned, but at the very least there's YouTube.

The 22-inch version (pictured) should be HD Ready thanks to its 1,680x1,050-pixel resolution (although we don't know if it has HDMI), and will cost 1,175 pounds (about $2,325) when it's released next month. Larger sizes may well follow. Watch out for a full review soon.

(Source: Crave UK)