'Megafoot' speaker lives up to its name

At 4 feet wide, it looks like a mini-ark.

Audio Junkies

We acknowledge having certain phobias here at Crave, one of them involving freakish-looking speakers. But to date, most of our fears have involved those that resemble floating eyeballs or sea monsters.

The "Megafoot," on the other hand, is terrifying simply because of its sheer size. This behemoth is a whopping four feet wide with eight drivers powered by an amplifier housed directly in the stand, according to Audio Junkies. The image here is only a rendering, but the RSC500 model may be available by year's end at an estimated price of $1,200, though the cost could vary depending on what type of wood and other materials are used.

That's not so bad if you break down the dollar amount per square inch alone. But the real question is how much they'll charge for shipping this mini-ark.