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McDonald's Italy is now serving up a Nutella burger

Fans of the chocolate-hazelnut spread have declared the sandwich the best thing since sliced bread. We can feel the cavities forming from here.

Got a sweet tooth? Can you feel it rotting? McDonald's Italy announced a Nutella burger on Thursday, and the internet is equal parts horrified and envious.

It's called Sweety con Nutella, which makes it seem as if it were both invented and named by a 9-year-old. And it's really more a dessert than a burger. It's just the chocolate-hazelnut spread slathered on a bun, though someone decided to bake a dark brown stripe into the brioche bun to make it look like a meaty patty.

Though it's only available in Italy, chocoholics from all over are drooling on social media.

But as with everything, some folks have to point out that it's not exactly health food.