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Marissa Mayer busts a move in political ad cameo

In an election ad for interim San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, reportedly financed by Ron Conway and Sean Parker, Google's Marissa Mayer makes like MC Hammer. Former Twitterer Biz Stone also makes an appearance, but doesn't jig.

There are times when one is justifiably grateful to Google.

Only last week I wrote these desperate, pleading words: "It has long been my personal dream to see Google's Larry Page wearing brightly patterned trousers and dancing uncontrollably."

Clearly Google had mercy. For, though Page is obviously too busy penning Google+ updates to perform, the company instead proffered Marissa Mayer. Which, for many, might even be an improvement. Moreover, she's not merely dancing. She's getting it on down to MC Hammer's "Too Legit To Quit."

The work of art in which Mayer clearly auditions for "Dancing with the Stars" is an ad for San Francisco mayoral candidate Ed Lee.Her appearance in the ad--at around the 1.47 mark--is painfully brief. Perhaps she was being paid by the second--or even the twitch.

Lee, I am told, is a very nice man. Unfortunately, he did promise when he became interim mayor that he wouldn't run for the permanent position.

Oddly for a politician, he changed his mind. Now he is showing just how many of the largest toupees are behind him. Here, from the tech world, is not merely Mayer, but also Hunter Walk from YouTube, Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, and Google's greatest current search engine rival, WIREDoo investor Hammer himself.

Hammer dances. Stone and Walk, sadly, content themselves with, um, jazz hands.

Mayer, though, is beautifully attired in a long, flowing orange t-shirt that reads "Fear the Mustache," a reference (should you have been recently disinterred) to the Fear the Beard campaign of San Francisco Giants pitcher Brian Wilson. He also dances here.

Lee, you see, has a distinctive mustache. More importantly, Mayer has a distinctive hip-swerve that surely might surprise one or two people who believed she might be slightly above that sort of thing.

TechCrunch tells me that Ron Conway and Sean Parker financed this spirit-lifting production.

Clearly, they are well-connected, as Will.I.Am and San Francisco 49ers owner Jed York also appear. (A curious one this, given that York claims to be firm in his intention to move the team to Santa Clara County.)

However, the great breakthrough here is Mayer's mellifluous movement. Who could not imagine, that with sophisticated swerves like this Mayer herself might soon have a future in politics?