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Make your own 3D-printed Death Star speaker cases

With these easy instructions, you can print out "Star Wars" Death Stars that make speakers worthy of Darth Vader's home office. Take that, Rebel scum!

Even Luke Skywalker wouldn't want to blow up these Death Star speaker enclosures. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Darth Vader doesn't need millions of credits to build multiple Death Stars. Print out and assemble your own much smaller Death Stars and do something better than blow up planets. These Death Stars enclose boring speakers to transform them into geektastic tributes to the "Star Wars" weapon of mass destruction.

Thanks to Rich Olson at Nothinglabs, non-Imperial humans like ourselves can make a "Parametric Spherical Speaker Generator" in OpenSCAD called Project Nomoon.

Nomoon is an acronym for Nomoon Orbital Music-making Open-source OpenSCAD-generated Nihilator, and of course references the famous "Star Wars" line when the Death Star was first spotted, "That's no moon. It's a space station."

To make your own Death Star speaker cases, just find the driver you want; calculate the bass port size; fill in the customizable file on Thingiverse; print and assemble.

"Nomoon can create spherical speaker enclosures of any volume," according to the Nothinglabs blog. "You can configure things like wall thickness, bass port dimensions, number of screw holes, etc. They work great as little desktop speakers. These are pretty capable drivers -- and should work well in a bigger system with a subwoofer."