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Magnetic football perfect for butterfingers

A Minnesota Vikings snapper teams up with an engineer to develop a football that sticks to your hands.

The gravity-defying Ultimate Reception ball sticks to glove magnets.
Ultimate Reception

I'm not one to watch an NFL game on TV or toss around the pigskin in the park, but if I did I would probably benefit from this magnetic football.

Ultimate Reception is a campaign on crowd-funding site IndieGoGo aimed at developing a magnetic football and gloves that improve catching ability.

Actually, the gloves are embedded with powerful magnets that attract a special layer in the football's skin. They're strong enough so that the ball will stick to the glove when the arm is outstretched and palm down.

The glove magnets won't prevent the ball from being thrown because parts of the ball aren't attracted to magnets.

It's being developed by Minnesota Vikings long snapper Cullen Loeffler and engineer Alex Heltzel.

They promise that "anyone can play receiver and catch like a pro" with Ultimate Reception.

The duo is seeking $150,000 in funding.

As seen in the promo vid below, the gloves make it easy to catch the ball with one hand, even when diving. That looks like lots of fun, but I'm not sure how it would help you get a grip on a conventional football.

Would you use it?