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Luxury watchmaker turns hand toward retro games

Shooting stars with some cash to burn should check out this set of ridiculously expensive Pac-Man and Space Invaders timepieces featuring authentic moon dust and fragments of Apollo 11.

This Pac-Man watch doesn't animate, but does come in four keen variations.
RJ-Romain Jerome

A gentleman's timepiece should never be too exuberant, but Crave feels compelled to give a curious nod to the ultra-expensive Pac-Man and Space Invaders watches by Swiss timepiece crafter RJ-Romain Jerome. Each dial features a miniature replica design of the arcade classics set in a pixelated appearance.

Perhaps understated from first glance, these geeky watches (waterproof to 98 feet) with rubber straps contain some real stellar inspirations. For starters, each steel timepiece features real fragments of the Apollo 11 lunar module, and the designer took it a step further by modeling the four joints of the watch after lunar landing module legs. To top off the extravagance, the back of the watches contain low-oxidation silver mixed with real moon rocks, specially patterned like the lunar surface.

In regard to pricing, it's simply out of this world: Expect to shell out $17,900 for any of these super-limited-edition self-winding tickers. When we say limited, we mean it; the Swiss watchmaker offers the Space Invaders version in shades of blue, red, green, purple, and yellow at a super low run limited to eight pieces for each color. The Pac-Man run comes in four variations (each limited to 20 pieces) as seen above.

In a rather unusual coincidence, during the course of writing this blog post, I found out that Apollo 11 astronaut and first man on the moon Neil Armstrong died today. May he rest in peace.

RJ-Romain Jerome collaborated with Namco and Taito Corporation on the watches. RJ-Romain Jerome

(Via Luxury Launches)