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'Luke Cage' gets renewed for a second season by Netflix

Sweet Christmas! The hero of Harlem will be sticking around for a while.

Sweet Christmas, "Luke Cage" is going to be sticking around for a while. On Sunday, Netflix tweeted out a neat and subtle video clip that zoomed in on a neon sign hanging in the window of Pop's Barber Shop. The sign lit up to read: "Season 2 Coming Soon."

The first 13-episode season of the series about the Marvel comic hero, which stars Mike Colter as Cage, was released on Netflix on September 30. There's no word yet on when the second season will be available.

Some fans celebrated the news as a holiday gift come early.

But even though no date was announced, some fans were fearing it might be a while.

Marvel Comics-based shows have done well for Netflix recently, with "Jessica Jones" being renewed for a second season and "Daredevil" for a third. A new Marvel series, "Iron Fist," is coming to Netflix March 17, 2017, and another new series, "The Defenders," will arrive some time in 2017.