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Lord of the Rings features in the latest Wordle clone

Lordle of the Rings has you guess five-letter words and names from the LOTR books in this version of the popular word puzzle.

Wordle Lord of the Rings
Bilbo? Bofur? Beorn?
Screenshot by Corinne Reichert/CNET

There's a new Wordle clone in town, and it's based on the Lord of the Rings books. Lordle of the Rings gives you a daily puzzle to guess a Lord of the Rings-themed five-letter word. 

Be warned: It's not just five-letter character names, which I learned halfway through playing it when I ran out of viable options. It's also any word that appears in the Lord of the Rings books.

Wordle, which was purchased by The New York Times for a seven-figure sum on Monday, is a daily word puzzle that's taken the internet by storm. It has millions of daily users, according to The New York Times, and features a new five-letter word every day that you get six guesses to get right. 

Like in Wordle, the Lord of the Rings version features boxes that turn yellow if you guess the right letter but in the wrong spot, or green for the right letter in the right spot. Gray boxes mean the letter isn't in the word at all.

If you've already done your daily Wordle puzzle, you could also tackle Dordle, a more evil Wordle that makes you take on two words at once, and an NSFW Wordle clone with dirty words.

Here are some strategies and tips on how to guess the correct Wordle word.