Logitech's really comfy Comfort Lapdesk

New lapdesk for lounging with a laptop.

Juniper Foo

Logitech lapdesk

I've been shopping around for a go-between that would prop my toasty laptop off my lap. I thought I found this with the Thermapak, but now here's another tempting choice, Logitech's Comfort Lapdesk ($39.99).

Unlike the former, the Lapdesk marries hard plastic with a padded cushion for what seems to be the best of both worlds. Though it won't cool your notebook or roll up into bundle like the Thermapak, the Lapdesk can double as a useful work surface while you're lounging on the couch. Thermapak or Logitech? Time to dust off that Magic 8 ball.

(Via Crave Asia)