Logitech releases new video-chat HD Webcams

Logitech has announced four new HD webcams for making HD video calling. The high-end model, the HD Pro C910, captures 1080p video.

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The HD Pro C910 ($99.99) ships in August and captures video in 720p and 1080p resolutions. Logitech

Just a few days after Apple unveiled its FaceTime video chat for the iPhone 4, Logitech is getting in on the video-calling action with a  new line of affordable HD Webcams, one of which captures 1080p resolution video. The line includes the HD Webcam C270 ($39.99), HD Webcam C310 ($49.99), HD Webcam C510 ($59.99), and the HD Webcam Pro C910 ($99.99). The C270, C310, and C510 will be available this month, while the C910 arrives on the market in August.

All these Webcams require Windows and use Logitech's Vid HD video calling software; however, they are also compatible with all other major video-calling applications, such as Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, and Gmail Voice and Video Chat. Logitech's QuickCam Vision Pro for Mac ($129.99) is currently the company's high-end offering for Mac users.

In a blog post announcing the new Webcams, Logitech also talked about how its Logitech Vid HD software will be preinstalled on the Logitech companion box for Google TV, which, according to the company, is coming this fall and will enable TV-to-TV and TV-to-PC video calling. Logitech also plans to bring out a Vid HD smartphone app by the end of the year. Though company representatives wouldn't specify exactly what platforms it's targeting, it's easy to assume it's looking at iPhone and Android.

According to the Logitech blog, the company believes that "video calling can be as mainstream and easy as a phone call but to date there have been two major barriers for massive consumer adoption--quality and ubiquity." It adds that, "With our announcement today of HD video calling on the PC and with our plans for the TV, smartphone, and the meeting room, we truly believe we can deliver on the vision of HD video communications for anyone, anywhere!"

We received an early review sample of the HD Webcam Pro C910  and made a HD video call to Tim Leehane, Logitech's director of product marketing for Webcams, who is featured in this YouTube video. Overall, we were impressed by both the video quality and the overall user experience of Logitech's Vid HD software. Leehane was able to show us the new HD Webcam line from the West Coast (we're in New York) and demo the C910 without leaving his offices. The cost and time-savings to all involved: significant.

The HD C310 ($59.99) is shipping in June and has a swiveling head and fold-up design. Logitech gears it more toward mobile users. Logitech