LG's thinnest monitor ever, the E2290 (review)

The LG E2290 is indeed the thinnest monitor ever.

The LG Flatron E2290 has one of the simplest, yet unique, designs we've ever seen. Josh P. Miller

For the last few years, there's been this unofficial mandate in the computer monitor space to have thinner and thinner displays. Vendors have succeeded for the most part, offering monitors that are thinner than anything that was available just a couple years prior.

However, this ever-constant demand to see monitors cut the fat has unfortunately culminated in what we have today: monitors, strung out on Stacker 2 and Cordislim, willing to do anything for a another hit of--OK, as I type this, the man who looks over my shoulder, constantly correcting my mistakes, is telling me that this is actually not true.

Fine. There are no monitors strung out on drugs (that we know of), but the LG E2290 has the thinnest profile of any monitor we've seen. That's great, but how does it perform? How are the features implemented? And, maybe most importantly, what's the price?

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