Lexmark unveils five new consumer-oriented inkjet printers

Introducing five new inkjet printers from Lexmark.

Felisa Yang Former CNET Editor

The X4550 multifunction includes wireless connectivity. Lexmark

Lexmark announced today five new additions to its inkjet printer lineup, two of which include wireless networking. The new printers range from basic, single-function offerings to multifunctions suitable for multiuser environments.

- Z1300--the Z1300 is a $25 basic printer that offers 22ppm black and 16ppm color. It uses a two-tank ink system (black and CMY), with an optional three-color photo tank for six-color photo prints.

- X2500--the X2500 is a color 3-in-1 printer (print, scan, copy). The $60 unit offers 22ppm black and 16ppm color printing (in draft mode).

- Z1420--the $80 Z1420 is a single-function printer that offers both USB and built-in wireless networking. It prints black at 24ppm and color at 18ppm.

- X3550--the X3550 is an inexpensive multifunction (print, scan, fax) printer at $80. It comes with built-in memory card slots, a PictBridge port, and print rates of 24ppm black and 17ppm color. Wireless connectivity is optional on this model and the wireless adapter unit is simple to install.

- X4550--the $130 X4550 is the high end of this new round of printers. It offers wireless connectivity, multifunction printing (photo, print, scan, copy), built-in memory card slots, and a PictBridge port, and it prints black at 26ppm and color at 18ppm.

The new multifunctions come with an improved software suite that allows you to easily edit and print photos. All models are available now. Check back soon for full reviews.