Lego's anti-Lego slippers have extra foot padding for protection

Soothe your tender feet this holiday season with a pair of Lego-branded slippers designed to cushion the bite from stepping on plastic bricks.

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Lego slipper
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Lego slipper

A Lego slipper in production.

Brand Station

While Lego sets seem like a wonderful way to spark creativity in both kids and adults, they do have their hazards. The biggest danger of Lego bricks has always been the threat of stepping on them and feeling those sharp points dig into the sensitive underside of your feet.

Lego knows their products have elicited many a "yowza!" and "Junior, come pick up your Lego pieces right now!" That's why the company let Brand Station, a French advertising agency, create protective Lego slippers as part of a holiday promotion.

The squared-off slippers are interchangeable between right and left feet, which is handy when you're fumbling for them in the dark. They come in bright red and yellow with the bold Lego logo on the top of the foot. They have an open back so they can be quickly shuffled onto your feet before you step into a potentially painful area full of little Lego landmines.

A massive amount of padding on the insoles protects your tootsies from even the biggest Lego pieces. You could step on a Duplo brick and come out fine. You could even crush an entire Lego Millennium Falcon, but don't let the slippers' superpowers go to your head.

Brand Station unveiled the slippers last week along with a video showing how they were made. They look challenging to sew together due to the thickness of the padding.

Only 1,500 pairs of slippers were produced, according to French blog Piwee, and they'll be given away at random to people who fill out a Christmas wish list on the Lego France website. That means the world at large doesn't have much chance of actually owning these slippers, but they might inspire some makers to create their own Lego-defense footwear.

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