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Lego minifigs head to space in cute animated short

In this cute and funny animated Lego short, four minifigs travel to space to reboot a wonky satellite that was preventing the rest of the Lego city from watching the big game.

What happens when a group of minifigs travels to outer space? All sorts of crazy Lego antics, that's what.

Lego posted a cute animated short to the company's YouTube page on Thursday, in which a satellite delivering TV programming to city residents goes down. Now it's up to four astronauts to come to the city's rescue to restore their precious programming. Why? Why not?

Mission Control calls the four minifig astronauts into action to head to space to reboot the satellite so everyone can keep on watching the big game.

One of the astronauts falls asleep immediately upon launch -- the clip is titled "In space, no one can hear you snore" -- while the rest attempt to get the satellite back online.

Will our Lego heroes succeed in their mission? Will the town waiting below get to watch the end of the big game? Watch the clip at the top of this post to find out.