Learn iPhone secrets

An upcoming product promises all the tips and tricks of the iPhone.

Kent German Former senior managing editor / features
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Kent German
Unlock its secrets. Corinne Schulze/CNET Networks

This week I perused the demo version of an upcoming product that promises to unlock the secrets of the iPhone by telling you about all sorts of secret tips and tricks. It's About Time to learn iPhone, as the product is called, is offered by a small Silicon Valley company that exhibited at last month's Macworld. I met Saied Ghaffari while I was there and he told me about an online demo, which I only now got around to trying (the GSMA World Congress got in the way).

The demo only showcased a selection of tips for the Safari browser but a couple were interesting. Some were obvious, I already knew how to bookmark a Web pages and open multiple Safari pages, but I didn't know about the one-step process for getting to the top of a Web page or how to use the convenient shortcut for including a link in an e-mail. The instructional process is very easy to use. Saied himself appears in a little window and guides you through the steps using an onscreen iPhone graphic.

It's About Time to learn iPhone will be available in Apple stores by early April, or you can download it off the company's Web site around that time. The price will be $29.95. Once it comes out, I'll give it a full review to see all the tips it has to offer.