Kodak announces world's first $999 digital frame

world's first consumer-available wireless picture frame featuring innovative Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology

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Sorry, it's the "world's first consumer-available wireless picture frame featuring innovative Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology" actually. That's right, it's a 7.6-inch, backlight-free, OLED-panel digital picture frame with built-in wireless for just less than $1,000.

On the upside (yes, I consider a $999 price tag a downside), Kodak's Wi-Fi technology allows you to access pictures, video, and music stored on PCs throughout your home, as well as connect to online photo- and video-sharing sites (like Kodak Gallery, and Kodak partners Flickr and FrameChannel), and Internet content portals for news, weather, sports and other stuff. So that's cool. And it has 2GB of built-in internal memory, too.

Click for larger view. Kodak

I don't know for sure if the frame has to stay attached to the front of the base or not (I'm guessing that's where the frame's power supply, speakers, built-in memory-card reader, and USB port live). I'm hoping not, 'cause on first impression from this picture that base is ugly and kinda kills the whole ultra-thinness of the frame for me.

The OLED Wireless Frame will be available at Kodak.com beginning in the 2008 holiday season, with additional online and retail distribution to be announced. Though if you're giving this as a gift, you're loaded, out of gift ideas, or both. If this is you, would you please put me on your shopping list?