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Kodak announces cheap new digital photo frame

Kodak has introduced the P520, a 5-inch digital photo frame. It will be available in September for $79.95.

The 5-inch P520 will retail for $79.95. Kodak

Kodak just announced a new entry-level model in its Easyshare P-Series line of digital photo frames. The news here is that at $79.95 the P520 is pretty inexpensive. But as one might expect from a sub $80 frame, it's on the small side at 5 inches.

This model, like the 7-inch P720 has touch-sensitive buttons on the border of the frame. The press release says, "With the touch sensitive Quick Touch Border, and with its unique scrolling feature, you can easily navigate through your images by simply sliding your finger across the frame border." Sexy stuff.

You get two decorative mattes (silver and red) that allow you to customize the look of the frame. The P520 will be available in September.

P.S. We noticed that Kodak is selling a 2GB "High Performance" SD card for $69.95. That's pretty ridiculous, considering I just bought a Kingston 2GB card on Amazon for $7.50. It may not be "high performance" but it will certainly work just fine with most point-and-shoot cameras that Kodak sells.