Kim Kardashian flees Paris after robbery as clowns unnerve US

Social Cues: The world has had enough of creepy clown sightings, and the trending hashtag #IfISeeAClown aims to do something about it.

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Alfred Ng
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What would you do if you saw a clown?

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Across America, creepy clowns are roaming the woods in droves, and finally, social media's taking a stand on what would happen if one came into view.

Elsewhere in the world, Kim Kardashian has broken the internet again as a top trending topic after the reality mega-star was reported robbed in Paris, an event that prompted Kanye West to cut short his New York City show on Sunday.

Social Cues is our daily feature on what's trending across Facebook and Twitter each morning. Here's what's buzzing around social media on Monday:

Kim Kardashian: Two robbers disguised as police officers in Paris stormed into Kardashian's luxury apartment in Paris on Sunday, holding her at gunpoint and stealing millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Hubbie Kanye West, who had been performing at the The Meadows concert, abruptly ended his show and told the audience he had to leave for a family emergency. The reality star had been in France for Paris Fashion Week, but left the country after the robbery. She received tweets of support from "Late Late Show" host James Corden and from Chrissy Teigen after Twitter users were laughing at the robbery.

#TheLastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes: A bombshell report from the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump had not paid taxes for up to 18 years. The newspaper obtained his tax records from 1995, showing the Republican candidate declared a $916 million loss on his 1995 tax return. The hashtag was trending across social media throughout the weekend, criticizing Trump for spending nearly two decades tax-free. Hillary Clinton's campaign jumped in on the fun, creating a "Smart" Tax calculator to see how much you would pay in taxes if it were under the same deductions as Trump. (Spoiler: It's $0.) The hits continue to roll in for Trump's campaign on Monday, as New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman presented the Trump Foundation with a cease and desist order.

Yoshinori Ohsumi: The Japanese biologist won 2016's Nobel Prize for physiology or medicine for his discoveries of mechanisms in autophagy, a process for recycling cellular material. The Nobel Prize Twitter account was on a tweetstorm on Monday morning as the award was announced for the Tokyo Institute of Technology researcher. Ohsumi's research used baker's yeast to identify genes essential for autophagy and led to a new understanding of how cells recycle itself.

Hurricane Matthew: A powerful hurricane formed in the Caribbeans, with heavy downpours across Jamaica and Haiti and with winds reaching up to 140 mph. The Category 4 storm is one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the Atlantic region in nearly a decade. Videos of Hurricane Matthew's devastation played across Facebook as the storm became a trending topic, with more than 1 million users talking about it.

24K Magic: Bruno Mars is back. The "Uptown Funk" singer made a surprise announcement on Twitter on Monday morning, telling his 26 million followers that his newest album was finished and that fans could expect a release by Friday. Within hours, the title of his new album, 24K Magic, became a trending topic on Twitter as fans went wild over the news.

#IfISeeAClown: It's time to stop clowning around. Social media has had enough of creepy clowns stalking around in the woods, with scary sightings in Ohio, South Carolina, Long Island, New Jersey -- the list goes on and on like that stupid handkerchief trick clowns do. Twitter users took a stand on Monday, with the hashtag #IfISeeAClown trending. Many showed clips of parkour or grand escapes while others had more violent reactions.

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Updated at 10:18 am PT: To include #TheLastTimeTrumpPaidTaxes as a trending topic.