Keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows

Evernote's desktop client is a keyboard shortcut-lover's dream. Its massive list of shortcuts will let you use Evernote almost entirely with the keyboard.

Ed Rhee
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Ed Rhee
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Keyboard shortcuts can help you become more efficient with e-mail, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook and more. If you're an Evernote user and love using keyboard shortcuts, you'll be happy to know that you can use Evernote almost entirely from the keyboard. Here are some of the more useful keyboard shortcuts in Evernote for Windows:

General Application
Ctrl + N : create a new note
Ctrl + Shift + N : create a new notebook
Ctrl + Shift + T : create a new tag
F10 : toggle left panel display
F11 : toggle note list display
Ctrl + F11 : toggle note panel display
F5 : cycle note list views
Ctrl + F5 : switch to table view in note list
Ctrl + F6 : switch to mixed view in note list
Ctrl + F7 : switch to thumbnail view in note list
F2 : rename notebook, note, tag or saved search
F7 : spell check
F9 : sync with Evernote Web
Ctrl + Q : exit Evernote

Editor Ctrl + B : bold
Ctrl + I : italicize
Ctrl + U : underline
Ctrl + A : select all
Ctrl + X : cut
Ctrl + C : copy
Ctrl + V : paste with original formatting
Ctrl + Shft + V : paste unformatted
Ctrl + Space : remove formatting
Alt + Shift + D : insert current date and time
Ctrl + Z : undo
Ctrl + Y : redo
Ctrl + T : strike through
Ctrl + Shift + B : bulleted list
Ctrl + Shift + O : numbered list
Ctrl + L : align left
Ctrl + R : align right
Ctrl + E : center
Ctrl + J : justify
Ctrl + Shift + X : encrypt selected text
Ctrl + K : create new hyperlink
Ctrl + F : search within note
Ctrl + S : save note

You can view the full list of Evernote for Windows keyboard shortcuts from Evernote.com.