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Keep the hope alive: Rumors of Cingular Nokia N75 resurface

Rumors surface again about the Nokia N75 coming to Cingular.

Nokia N75
Cingular-branded Nokia N75
xsell4ux via Boy Genius Report

We'd just about given up hope on ever seeing the Nokia N75 hit U.S. streets, but our dreams have been briefly resuscitated after spotting pictures of a Cingular-branded N75 on the Boy Genius Report. As you may recall, the N75 got the FCC's blessing back in November, so it's really just up to Nokia and Cingular to get this thing finalized and out the door. Unfortunately, there's no official word on availability or pricing, but there are rumors that the N75 may be released as early as this month or delayed till later--come on, already! We do know that the Nokia N75 will be a 3G-loving phone with support for Cingular Music and Cingular Video. Other goodies on the N75 include a 2-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, Symbian OS, and a Micro SD slot. Seriously though, if this thing doesn't come out soon, I'm over it. Just how long are we expected to wait?