Keane hiring in Canada

Ed Frauenheim Former Staff Writer, News
Ed Frauenheim covers employment trends, specializing in outsourcing, training and pay issues.
Ed Frauenheim
Job market tidings have been , but information technology services company Keane has some encouraging news for IT pros in Canada. Keane said Wednesday that it launched a campaign to fill 175 new jobs at its facility in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Because of increased demand for its "nearshore" application outsourcing services, Keane said it is seeking to attract IT professionals from Nova Scotia, Ontario and other Canadian provinces to fill a variety of new technical positions.

Studies have forecast more IT work heading offshore to countries such as India. According to Keane, Canada is a promising nation for outsourcing, thanks to factors such as time zones similar to those in the United States and a common language. Keane's growth in Halifax is being supported with assistance from Nova Scotia's Economic Development Office and Nova Scotia Business, the province's business development agency.