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Kalamazoo Growlers to wear selfie-inspired jerseys

A Northwoods League baseball team will celebrate a Salute to Selfie night by playing a game in jerseys slathered with fan photos.

Selife jersey
This gives an idea of what the selfie jersey will look like.
Kalamazoo Growlers

Once you get outside the realm of Major League Baseball, you pretty much have a license to be goofy with your uniforms. Last year, the Toledo Mud Hens marked May the 4th with Chewbacca-themed uniforms. This year, the Kalamazoo Growlers, a Michigan collegiate summer team, are jumping on the selfie bandwagon with a Salute to Selfie theme night, complete with selfie jerseys.

While it would be super-cool if the players wore unis with their own selfies on them, the actual unis will feature a mosiac of photos chosen from selfies sent in by fans. Submissions through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram will be accepted through April 1, with the Salute to Selfie night taking place on July 24 for a game against the Wisconsin Woodchucks.

One fan, who embodies "the most Growlers spirit" will get a prominent position on the jersey, whereas everyone else will be pretty small. Attendees at the game will be able to bid on the jerseys during a silent auction. It would certainly make for an unusual piece of sports memorabilia to hang up in your home.

The selfie trend doesn't look like it will abate anytime soon, so perhaps it's not too surprising it's being turned into a baseball promotion. It sure beats just another bobblehead.