​Tokyo's Robot Restaurant coming to Sydney for 2 neon-filled nights

Dinosaur robots, laser light shows, glitter-clad dancers riding neon tanks -- Japan's craziest dinner-and-show experience is coming to Sydney, and you can wave your glow sticks in the front row.

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Inside Tokyo's Robot Restaurant. © 91 Days. Used with permission of 91 Days.

Australia may have its outstanding weather and laid-back style, but we can all agree the one thing missing is LED bikini-clad waitresses bringing you cocktails, direct to your snail-shaped sofa, while you watch robots duke it out in a laser area.

Well, wait no more! Japan's famous Robot Restaurant is coming down under for two nights as a pop-up experience in Sydney.

The Tokyo restaurant -- which has gained a cult following from locals and tourists alike -- subverts the traditional dinner-and-show format, giving guests a chance to enjoy a meal and a drink while watching possibly the most hyperactive pastiche of Japanese pop culture in living memory.

Sensory overload: Japan's Robot Restaurant (pictures)

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While visitors eat their bento boxes and shake their glow sticks in the audience, glitter-clad dancers ride into the arena on neon tanks and mirror-balled horses; robots shaped like pandas and dinosaurs dance to techno music; girls dressed as rave bunnies play in a drum line before Transformer-style robots battle each other in a fake boxing ring.

While it's a thoroughly insane show that Japanophiles the world over covet a ticket to, Sydneysiders will get a chance to experience the action from February 23-24. The event is part of a promotion for Contiki holidays, and you can register for tickets through the company's website.

Until then, check out what goes on behind the scene's at everybody's manic laser disco glitterbot extravaganza.