Jackass cast's collective medical bills exceed $24 million, study finds

Is anyone surprised that Johnny Knoxville was at the top of the Jackass Injury Rich List?

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The Jackass crew has wracked up a lot of expensive injuries.

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Jackass, a US comedy stunt franchise and cult favorite, is full of falls, slips, slaps and wipeouts. Ahead of the upcoming Jackass Forever movie, Nova Legal Funding tallied up the medical bills of the Jackass crew members over their careers. Based on the study's breakdown of individual cast member medical bills, the total cost of the crew's injuries is about $24,263,000. 

Nova looked at 79 injuries in total between the six Jackass stars, including 28 broken bones, 36 head injuries and an alligator bite. The study suggests that if other cast members' injuries were taken into account, the total could be closer to $38 million.

Nova Legal Funding released the Jackass Injury List on Sept. 2. Knoxville is at the top of the injury list with over $8.66 million in medical bills, and Ehren McGhehey is a close second having racked up over $7.38 million in medical expenses. Steve-O amassed over $5.82 million, Dave England came in at over $1.65 million, while Jason "Wee Man" Acuña and Preston Lacy closed up the list with $675,000 and $75,000, respectively. 

The study listed out total injuries and subsequent medical expenses for Knoxville, Steve-O and Ehren McGhehey, pointing out the most expensive (and frightening) ones like Knoxville's brain hemorrhage ($2.5 million), Steve-O's $900,000 skin grafts and McGhehey's thrice broken neck ($2.7 million). 

"While the majority of the injuries caused by the crew of Jackass are self-inflicted, and the average person doesn't usually injure themselves this often, we wanted to show how much these painful accidents cost in medical bills, so fans of the show can appreciate the financial and medical consequences of living such an adrenaline-fueled life," Ron Sinai, founder and CEO of Nova Legal Funding, said in the study.