iPhone has a better cam than Curiosity

Why your phone has a better camera than NASA's Mars rover does, Google quietly helps Samsung battle Apple, and the newest Angry Bird kills 'em with cuteness.

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Friday's top headlines won't judge you by your megapixels:

iPhone has a better cam than Curiosity
Watch this: iPhone has a better cam than Curiosity

The Curiosity Mars rover cost $2.5 billion, so why are the cameras just 2 megapixels? The answer comes down to time: Time the rover was planned, the time it takes NASA to test, and the time it takes to transmit larger file sizes.

As Apple and Samsung duke it out in court over patents and copycat claims, Google isn't sitting back quietly. CNET has learned that Google is quietly helping out it's Android partner Samsung with legal advice.

Not all NASA news this week has been positive. While the world is in awe over Curiosity, another NASA team is dealing with the failure of the Morpheus lander. The Morpheus spacecraft crashed and burned during a test flight Thursday.

Microsoft will not be using the term Metro. Rather, it's opted to keep the lingo simple and just explain it's modern interface as "Windows 8."

The Angry Birds franchise is teasing us with a new bird that'll kill the pigs with cuteness (and bubbles). The new little pink bird blows bubbles, but Rovio is not revealing exactly how her weapon will work in the game or when she'll make her game debut.

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