iPhone 6 running Android? You'd better (not) believe it

Prank tries to fool people into believing that Apple's expected iPhone 6 is here -- with 3D and an 8-day battery life.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read

Just look at this fake. Jonathan Morrison/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Apple fans are ready to buy anything with an Apple logo on it. No, this isn't just my view.

The pranksters at TLD got their hands on a clone of Apple's anticipated iPhone 6 and set out to see if they could convince people it was the real deal. "Jimmy Kimmel Live" pulled a similar prank last month, in which an old Casio was said to be Apple's rumored iWatch.

TLD's prank phone looks like it could be the rumored 4.7-inch version of Apple's next iPhone -- which has yet to even be announced -- but it's actually a "low-resolution, underpowered" device. It also appears to be running Apple's iOS, but TLD points out it's actually using Google's Android mobile operating system.

Will people believe this fake iPhone 6 is bigger, faster, and generally more obdurately wonderful than iPhone 5?

Naturally, TLD told unsuspecting mall-meanderers that the fake iPhone 6 had a 26-core processor and an 8K display. They also told people that because of the phone's sapphire display, it can withstand arrows. How about that 8-day battery? Because, why not?

As usual in these videos, we only get to see the good bits and not the wise who might suggest that this phone is a complete fake.

These gullible people aren't put off by the interviewer's disturbingly fluffy microphone. Nor by his suggestion that the phone is made of indestructible nano-aluminum. They don't even seem fazed by the notion that Apple would get rid of its Siri digital assistant and replace her with Google Now.

Then there's the picture quality. "It's so high-resolution that it looks pixelated," said the straight-faced interviewer.

Of course if, on the day of the actual launch, these same pranksters went out with a real iPhone 6, they'd probably get the very same reactions.